Preparations When You Travel Abroad

If you are in a time in your life have the opportunity to travel abroad. To a place that may not yet know well. How do you prepare all the things?

Of course you do not want to get errors, for example in matters of dress, isn’t it?

There is an interesting article written on a travel site, some time ago about preparation when you travel abroad.

Some things are worth noting and prepared as follows:

1. Learn the weather conditions in the destination country. When you’re in the European countries, for example, they have four seasons. Winter, summer, fall, or spring. This situation is closely related to the clothes that will be worn. Please remember, that during winter can make skin dry, even sometimes become itchy. so it is necessary preparations moisturizing cream for dry skin.

Likewise, the other seasons, because each season has its own distinctive atmosphere, you need to learn how the situation later.

2. Local culture and customs. Customs of destination countries has become an important factor for tourists. For example, how to dress in some Middle Eastern countries. Avoid revealing clothes, because it is considered impolite and disturb local communities.

Society majority of Hindus or Buddhists, in each corner will be seen performing the ritual confidence of local communities. Adjust themselves to their way of life and to be polite.

3. Language. Learn a few words that are often used in everyday life activity. Learning the language can also help us to understand the local culture, for example, words such as, "Welcome/morning/evening", "Please forgive me", "Yes" and "No", and others.

4. Local currency. Prepare the local currency in the form of a fraction, the amount of local currency and others. You will need it when going to travel to certain places that are relatively close by bus or taxi. Similarly, when you are going to buy snacks or drinks.

5. Food. Learn what kind of food in your destination country. Find out the type of food in that country.

Countries in continental Europe, the United States, and Africa have the kind of food that may be unfamiliar to you. Take your time to ask many questions, of course you don’t want to get hungry, aren’t you?

If necessary bring food from home as the support item, such as chili sauce, dried foods, rice, maybe you just really like to cook.

(Source travelKompas /Image Helena Nina)


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