10 Most Popular Online Travel Sites

The times have changed. That's for sure!

Who can resist? The same thing happened to the tourists who make their perfect holiday facilities, such as hotel bookings and travel packages.

You also must have felt the benefits of the travel websites (online), tourists feel ease. Websites that benefit travelers who want to plan a vacation.

A website, skift.com released some travel websites that are often used by travelers when they want to place an online order.

From the studies indicated 10 popular travel sites, the use of statistics in SimilarWeb seeing traffic from the consumers who utilize these travel sites during the month of October 2013.

Also from the list, noted that the Booking.com is very popular among tourists, with visits reached 108 million hits. Similarly with Agoda.com that focuses on Asian top five with 22.6 million visitors.

The following list shows the 10 most popular online travel sites according to Skift.com.

1. Booking.com (108 million visits)
2. TripAdvisor.com (48.5 million visits)
3. Hotels.com (29.3 million visits)
4. Expedia.com (24.3 million visits)
5. Agoda.com (22.6 million visits)
6. Priceline.com (17.9 million visits)
7. TripAdvisor.co.uk (17.9 million visits)
8. Hotelurbano.com (17.1 million visits)
9. Kayak.com (13.3 million visits)
10. Ctrip.com (12.5 million visits)

(Source Skift.com, travelKompas /Image Garuda Indonesia)


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