No Need To Be Rich to Traveling

This is not just a dream, at least according to the opinion of Matthew Kepnes, the person who delivered on a website about traveling activities.

For most people it is natural to think that doing the trip requires a lot of preparation, and certainly one of the preparation is the availability of sufficient funds.

Matthew Kepnes is a traveler who has traveled the world over the past four years, he argues differently and convey to anyone who has the determination, that "You do not need to be rich to traveling."

He said if you have the skills that can be given to someone else, maybe you can free streets.

According to Matthew, lot of work to be done while carrying your traveling wherever you like. Even up around the world. The key, you need to venture out of the traditional mindset that you believe all this time, and be prepared to go to any place you like.

Travel may be difficult and expensive, that old fashioned thought. Get out of your comfort zone. Try doing things differently, hitchhiked transportation or lodging may be an example. Adding relationships, expand network and get acquainted with new friends. There waiting for the people who paved the way.

Work. How about to pick a job out of town or overseas, the job is always available. Type of work, such as a/ Apartment janitor, b/ Waitress, c/ Hotel maid , d/ Tour guide, e/ working on a ships or other mass transportation, such as trains, f/ Outbound instructor, g/ Diving instructor, h/ Mountain adventurers guide, i/ Traditional dancers and others waiting by you to be created.

Teaching. Foreign language skills if you have it will really help your desire to be able to travel abroad. What happen if you decide to become a teacher/instructor?

Find this Couchsurfing community. It is a unique community that is able to connect millions of people around the world who want to share in their journey. As a tourist, try to find information about the community on the website. Very helpful, say when you need accommodation in a city you do not know well, even when you need a tour guide and so on.

Traveling has its own form activity, but creativity make it different.

(Source Matthew Kepnes -,, travelKompas /Images N Ginting)


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