3 Travel Destinations for Chinese Tourists

As reported previously, Indonesia and China have agreed on the number of the visits of tourists from both countries, which is expected to reach two million people by 2015. Now the number of Chinese tourists visiting Indonesia targeted 800 thousand people in 2013.

When we look at the Chinese-language site cn.indonesia.travel, specifically has offered to tourists from China on tourist sites that interest them.

Currently most Chinese tourists only know Bali, as presented by the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, "52 percent of Chinese tourists are still searching for Bali, Jakarta and 32 percent, and the rest to other destinations," said Mari Pangestu during a visit to Beijing in November 2013 ago.

Three tourist destination for Chinese tourists besides Bali, namely Yogyakarta, Lombok and the Labuan Bajo that is famous for its ancient creatures, komodo dragons.

Of course we know the country of China with its spectacular population, a potential market for the development of tourism market anywhere.

This three tourist destinations can be inferred able to attract the attention of tourists, given their specific advantages of each destination.

Tourism became one of concern for many countries, cooperation between countries would be more profitable. These days China more active in developing its tourism infrastructure, they are concerned about that.

The same thing with the readiness of the infrastructure at the three locations, Yogyakarta, Lombok and Labuan Bajo, they are relatively well prepared.

(Source Antara, travelKompas, F Benjamin - Lombok /Image F Benjamin)


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