Australian tourists made Bali as Home

Bali has long regarded as a second home for the tourists from Australia, even by Balinese people themselves. They consider Australian tourists already hosted on this island of the gods.

Citing news from a tourist site, the Head of the Statistics Bureau of Bali Province, Gede Suarsa in Denpasar, Monday, December 2, 2013, saying "Australia tops the list of ten countries supplying tourists to Bali who were contribute for 25.03 percent of the total tourist to island of Bali as many as 2.67 million people during the first ten months of 2013," he said.

Despite frequent ups and downs in diplomatic relations between the two neighboring countries, the Australian people have never considered it a hindrance for them to come to the island of Bali.

They have made Bali as a second home, so they still traveled to Bali despite their country diplomatically want different things.

Civil society does have its own language in social living life, in contrast to the politicians language. Traveling to some place and especially travel to Bali remains one option and they feel safe enjoying a holiday on the island of Bali.

And that's what happened since time immemorial, traveling, traveling and traveling. It never changed.

(Source Antara, travelKompas /Image S Wisaksono - Bali)


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