10 Preferred Tourist Destinations by Singaporean

Singaporean tourists can indeed attract attention to their chosen destination, particularly through the search through the travel website. One option they are a tourist traveling between Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

Some other favorite tourist destinations are Jakarta and Bali, both city including the top destinations preferred by international Singaporean tourists and travelers through a searching on travel websites, Wego.

While the observations from the Wego, currently Bangkok become the most preferred destination, the Singapore thrilled been to Bangkok. Relatively close and the presence of several low-cost airlines are heavily promoting.

Bangkok is one of the cities that offer culinary diversity and a shopping paradise. Exchange rate of the Singapore dollar against the Thai baht that make Bangkok increasingly favored, according to excerpts from a tourist site, travelKompas.

Here are the 10 tourist destinations by international search of the Singaporean:

1. Bangkok
2. Hongkong
3. Jakarta
4. Taipei
5. Manila
6. Bali
7. Kuala Lumpur
8. Phuket
9. Seoul
10. Penang

The Singaporean over the last year has been known for budget-conscious travelers, they love shopping and culinary. Various tourist attractions should welcome them.

(Source Wego, travelKompas /Image M Kretyawan)


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