Preparation Before the Year End Holidays

When the holidays arrive as if there is nothing else to think about, urge feeling to immediately go to the location of a tourist destination. Time becomes so long and without end.

It turns out it isn't that easy, because there are many important things that need to be prepared ahead of time, so that a vacation trip took place with fun and exciting.

Many travel stories of the tour players are worthy of our attention, for example, just go to a location that is quite far geographically.

Here are a few things worth considering:

1. Research. This needs to be done carefully, as experienced by the travelers on the way to the Philippines some time ago, it was not long on the way they experience an erratic season by blowing typhoon. Of course, the tour is not optimal.

2. Ticket survey. We need to do in order to get cheap tickets. The long journey requires thoroughness and preparation of the budget, we will encounter many unexpected things.

3. Saving. A true traveler would do this since a long time period, every time in their mind.

4. Self-discipline. The journey will be long and exhausting, so at certain times, for example, we need to rest. Many other things in the course requires a self commitment, in order to have an interesting holiday trip.

5. Mindset. Always remember that your trip is really done in terms of holiday related. Avoid carrying (burden) of other things on the way, forget about work!

Be a fun holiday for many small factors well prepared. Happy journey in the end of the year, and it must be yours!

(Source N Tanzil, R Djangkaru, D Budihidayat, travelKompas, F Benjamin, I Nyoman Suryawan /Image JE Sitompul)


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