Ear buzzing when on plane?

When we are on the plane, especially when the plane will take off, ear buzzing occurs because of differences in air pressure when we were in the sky. Some things can be done to eliminate buzzing in the ear. Just make it fun and comfortable.

Chew. Eustachian channel automatically opens and closes. Then saliva swallowed from chewing results may eliminate hum in the ears. Try to chew gum that is prepared in advance or requested from the flight attendant.

Drinking water. If the above efforts have not been able to overcome, try to drink water, sip in large quantities. Swallowing movements can help relieve pressure in the ear.

Evaporated/yawn/gape activity. This next efforts suggestion. Yawn as wide and as hard as possible to do. Do it over and over.

Close the nose and mouth. This step is also a good thing to do. Cover your nose and mouth at the same time and hold it for a while, thereafter slowly exhale through your nose. (Not recommended for people with heart disease).

(Source S Noviyanti - travelKompas /Image Singapore Airlines)


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