The Hot Air Balloon Paradise in Bagan

Imagine one day in which you enjoy the trip in a place when it is in the sky, flying at an altitude taken around the clouds with beautiful views of the treat of a hot air balloon in Bagan, Myanmar. The place known for its thousands of temples scattered like a tapestry.

The famous region in the past with 4,000 pagodas, the center and capital of the Kingdom of Myanmar. The spectacular view from the top, you will be charged to enjoy the journey in the sky provided by the Eastern Safaris - start from USD 320 per person.

Sunrise over Bagan

Your body is carried away like a feather light and the vibration to the sky slowly, the hot air balloons brings you up up and away. Look down there all everything become so small, but it provides a wonderful view of Myanmar. Astounding!

(Source CNN Travel, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas, V Saver, D Ajeng Abadhy - Yangon /Images D Ajeng Abadhy, V Saver - Myanmar)


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