Young Travelers Style Tendency - Part 2

Young travelers in their Egypt Trip

Young travelers has become an attractive market for the tourism world, a survey conducted by TripAdvisor about the tendency of young travelers when traveling gives an interesting picture.

As presented in the first part of this article, the young travelers in choosing a travel companion gives a clearer description, 42 percent of them choose to travel with their partner, 24 percent travel with family, and 21 percent with friends.

As stated by Prasti Nidya Putri, Excecutive TripAdvisor Partnership - citing articles from a tourist site, the survey said that the recommendations of the social platform was significant, "Many young people are used to upload their photos/images to social media in their tourism experiences, thus indirectly the information be a recommendation for their friends."

(Source TripAdvisor, NA Widadio - travelKompas /Image Juan Sitompul)


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