Bangkok Still Comfortable, Safe and Fun

Indeed, with the growing political crisis in Thailand could affect the tourist traffic, but the peak tension and the crowd of supporters of each party happened in November 2013 until February 2014 when the city of Bangkok as "under siege" by demonstration. Even on Thursday, May 22, 2014 the Thai military took over the country's civilian government.

Not as imagined by many people, the pulse of life in the city of Bangkok, and Thailand as a whole, life goes on as normal as usual.

Sellers and traders buying and selling activities of a variety of products that they have, hawking wares, vending carts in the street, an alley full of cafes and bars, thumping disco music.

Activity in the crowds and demonstrations have subsided, the situation in the white elephant country is back to normal.

Political turmoil does not necessarily make all the tourists are reluctant to come to Thailand, tourists still visit to Thailand, they face a great experience that there is really no need to worry about and can avoid the crowds of protesters.

All help each other with information amongst tourists, and all becomes pleasant tourist experience.

(Source R Rukmorini - Kompas, travelKompas, Nanda Devi - Bangkok /Images N Devi)


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