International Tourism Fair of Madagascar as a tourist promotion

The participating countries in the event of ITM 2014 (International Tourism Fair of Madagascar) becomes an important moment for the tourism promotion and cooperation of each country.

The even of ITM 2014 took place at the Hotel Carlton, Anosy Antananarivo, Madagascar, on 15-17 May 2014 can be profitable for the participating countries as well as related business operators, for example, booth participants from Indonesia featuring visually Indonesian culture and tourism feature during the exhibition. Also enlivened with 2 days batik demonstration activities.

Booth of Indonesia

Exciting opportunity for visitors to directly recognize a tourist destination, the procedure to obtain a visa to Indonesia or countries in Southeast Asia, as well as how to process the visa at the location.

(Source Antara, ITM 2014, travelKompas /Images ITM 2014, Kemlu-Indonesian Embassy)


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