North-America region Presents a Most Friendly Atmosphere for Tourists

How do you assess an interesting review of 6 million review of the respondents of a travel search sites, Wego (in collaboration with traveler reviews site, TrustYou) of that favored region in terms of determining the rating of the best hotels and travel services.

North America region these days is superior in terms of presenting the most friendly atmosphere for tourists with a score of 94.06 per cent of respondents, travelers get the most hostile atmosphere while in the region.

Citing a media article, Joachim Holte, Chief Marketing Officer Wego convey that, hotels in North America are considered to be friendly to tourists who traveling alone, as well as offering a luxury service, exciting nightlife and tempestuous.

(Source Wego, Kompas /Images E Iriany Sitorus, W Sjahran)


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