Pia Saronde of Gorontalo

Gorontalo is known as a mountainous region that stretches from north to south, to the west of the city of Manado, the neighboring province of North Sulawesi. Mountains aura with various types of ebony trees, lingua, nantu, meranti, and rattan as well as views of the southern coast in the Gulf of Tomini. Mountains which shelter to the unique and rare flora and fauna, such as anoa, tarsier, maleo, and hog deer.

This region is also known for a wide variety of culinary, like a friend who sends a picture of the typical culinary in Gorontalo, Pia Saronde, known as crisp pastry souvenirs for tourists visiting.

Food processed from wheat flour, brown sugar and spice fragrance, has a different flavor, such as chocolate, peanuts, green beans, cheese and durian taste.

(Source Susetyohadi Winata - Gorontalo /Image S Winata)


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