Travel Suitcase as a Friend in Traveling

You are in a traveling trip to a country of tourism destination, there must be a decent equipment to be examined properly. Suitcase becomes important when traveling away with stuff that needs to be maintained properly.

An article on a portal site, - provide information about the results of trials in the United States to be considered in choosing a suitcase. A global travel website, Skyscanner - tested on 3 pieces of luggage.

Testing with a kick from a height of 1.5 meters, a blow with a 4.5 kg hammer, luggage trodden man weighing 150 kg, until the squeezing a car dropped on top of the suitcase.

Lambert-Saint Louis International Airport

Experimental results show several brands worth considering, Eminent Move Air (USD 180), Delsey Helium (USD 380), and LuggageX 77 (USD 150). Strong suitcases do not always have the most expensive, tough travel companion in a variety of hustle bustle situations and human traffic.

(Source Skyscanner, Kompas /Images Skyscanner, Texy Hammp)


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