Lombok beaches waiting for You

Senggigi beach

Senggigi tourist area on the west side of the island of Lombok, between the valley and looks directly into the sea, so you can immediately enjoy the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Senggigi beach region becomes a favorite of tourists while on that island, travelers immediately greeted by gently soothing breezy wind.

Enjoy the journey westward, around 8 km from the airport Selaparang Mataram, on both sides of the street looks the Cidomo, known as the traditional transport vehicles on the island.

Tanjung Aan beach

Lombok Island offers many exotic beaches, among which you can find Gerupuk beach, Selong Belanak beach and Tanjung Aan beach. The beautiful beaches with diving area that tempt you in sight.

(Source Budy Pratikto - Lombok /Images AA Sumadri)


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