New York as the World's Leading Global City

New York

A study released earlier last April 2014, by a leading property consultancy, Savills shows the city of New York in the United States, appearing as the cities of the world standings in many aspects, combining various elements such as global competitiveness, connectivity, the number of foreign tourists, data searching on internet pages, economic conditions, future growth potential, and the ability to reap the high investment in the property sector.

According to the survey, the definition of world cities are not just merely be seen from the size and economic welfare, but many other factors are inter-related.

Hong Kong

Citing articles from a portal site, "", Yolanda Barnes, Savills Property Director, said, "Stability factor, power supplies, market growth, the potential for property investment, popularity among the population of the world and so is not only measured in terms of GDP growth," she said.

Here's the list of global cities in the world.

1. New York
2. London
3. Paris
4. Singapore
5. Hongkong
6. Tokyo
7. Shanghai
8. Dubai
9. Sydney
10. Mumbai
11. Rio de Janeiro

If we look at the list above makes us come to the conclusion, certainly other cities in the world will compete to achieve their advantages for sure.

(Source Kompas /Images W Sjahran, H Yohana)


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