Most Visited (Singapore) Tourist to Indonesia

Tourists arrivals in Lombok beach

An interesting note from the state statistics agency, BPS - is about the period of tourist arrivals from various countries to Indonesia until March 2014 last month. Recorded an increase of 5.5 percent over the same period last year, and rose 8.96 percent compared to February 2014 that as many as 725 300 visits. Based on BPS records, five countries origin consistently show an increase.

Here are the five countries of origin in accordance to March 2014 period to Indonesia.

1. Singapore - 138.590 visits
2. Malaysia - 114.728 visits
3. Australia - 81.408 visits
4. China - 78.150 visits
5. Japan - 37.885 visits

Cumulatively, tourist arrivals to the cities in Indonesia to be a reference destination for tourists during their trip, after which they determine where the direction of the most popular tourist attractions.

(Source BPS, Kompas /Image F Benjamin)


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