An afternoon at the beach of Makassar

City on the southern tip of the island of Sulawesi with sea views as far as the eye can see, becoming a beautiful backdrop for the visitors, an afternoon with a gentle breeze that greets to anyone, especially you who are traveling to the Makassar with mosque silhouette standing in the middle of the sea as background.

All walks of life gathered at the same time, teenagers, young and old, families and children ran around the area of Losari beach, enjoying the beauty of the sunset which will soon arrive.

Twilight is a kind of impressive farewell. Golden light flashed on the glass windows of high-rise buildings, swept like a beauty giant brush. Cumulus clouds opt out, such as moved the hands of the gods.

The sun from a distance gives its own air aura, the hot scent of the surroundings, but visitors continue to arrive, the food vendors and culinary specialties of Makassar on the edge of the road did not stop to offer their wares, such as pisang ijo ice, potato chips, chicken porridge and the delicious yellow rice. Dawn will arrive and this is the best time to enjoy the sunset.

(Source S Noviyanti - travelKompas, T Pudan Naibaho /Images T Pudan Naibaho - Makassar)


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