The beauty of Pananjung Nature Reserves at Pangandaran

By P Widi Hatmi

Pangandaran is a beach that has a distinctive feature, in direct contact with nature reserves of Pananjung forest developed since 1922 by a Dutch biologist, Mr. Eyken.

Entering the Japanese cave

About 4 hours drive from Bandung, West Java province to the southern edge of the island of Java.

The Cave

You can go through the entrance towards the beach, after passing through a number of lodging and food stalls, turn to the right down the road along the coast to the west end which is the entrance to the nature reserve.

The boat seen from the cave of Panggung in Pananjung forest

Use the services of a guide trip, enters the forest and toward some unique cave located in an area of ​​530 hectares with a wealth flowers of Raflesia Padma, the bull, the deer and various species of monkeys.

You will be touched directly by a natural atmosphere in the region, wildlife, natural heritage caves the Japanese colonial period, white sand beaches and marine parks and beautiful scenery.

Some of the attractions is a challenge to visit, such as Kalde Stone (Batu Kalde), Sail Rock (Batu Layar), Cikamal paddock with 20 hectare bushy grazing pasture as the bull and the deer habitat, Shark Rock (Batu Hiu), the diving spot area of Batu Karas and White Sandy beach (Pantai Pasir Putih).

The adventure times becomes so complete to do.

(Source P Widi Hatmi - Pangandaran /Images P Widi Hatmi)


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