NTT became a New Tourist Destination

Preparing the Pasola

NTT province more excited by a sharp increase in the number of tourists every time, said Alexander Sena of the Department of Tourism in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT - Nusa Tenggara Timur), as stated in an article of a tourist site, travelKompas, May 10, 2014, their desires to become a provincial of tourism.

Pasola War in Sumba

NTT wants to realize as one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Views of the surrounding mountains of Kelimutu, Flores NTT

Local government realized the potential of the NTT region as a tourist destination area, island of Komodo, Lake Kelimutu, a tourist village in Wae Rebo, whaling in Lamalera, celebration of Semana Santa in Larantuka, and the war spear on horseback of Pasola attraction in West Sumba.

Lake three colors of Kelimutu

Positive passion to develop tourism in this region, such as the establishment of joint tourism marketing in Kuta, Bali, in order to attract tourists from Bali to make a stopover in this region. Similarly, adding of tourist villages, as well as direct flights Kupang - Darwin, Australia.

(Source Kompas, travelKompas /Images A Ariyanto, M Uris, L Pandjaitan)


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