Cultural and Religious Tourism around the Lake Kelimutu

Three (3) unique lake fused into one designation, Lake Kelimutu, Flores. Being a destination for tourists from all over the world to see the uniqueness of its colors, a three craters with 3 water always different colors with all the accompanying myth.

As the cultural fugures of the University of Widya Mandira, Kupang said, Blasius Radja in a seminar in Kupang, Friday, February 28, 2014, Flores is not just following a volcanic explosion in 1830 left the enormity of the crater with its three different watering colors, red, white and blue.

From the first, Lio ethnic of Ende believes that it is the third crater around the dwelling place of their ancestors who have died.

"Part of the mythology it is the warning at the same time behave counsel for posterity of Lio ethnic from Ende, from time to time. Advice was to be adhered to in order later after died, his spirit resides in a comfortable place in Tiwu Ata Mbupu or Nua Muri Koo Fai Tiwu," said Blasius, quoting a “Kompas” newspaper.

The Kelimutu tourist area since the past, many years ago a number of Mosalaki (the landlord) from around the region still hold traditional rituals of Flores giving offerings to the ancestors at the top of the mountain.

Cultural and religious tourism destination, a local religious based combined with Catholic ordinance which can be enjoyed by the tourists, walked to a different area with a community culture that is far different from modern life.

You should be there, one day.

(Source Kompas, travelKompas /Images L Pandjaitan - Kupang)


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