Fountains around the Marina Bay Sands

No need to see when it's time, even in the morning time, the travelers was already present in the area around the Marina Bay Sands.

Moreover, especially since during the late afternoon, more and more people came. Many activities waiting for them to do, take pictures with a variety of interesting backgrounds. Imagine a Formula One racing, gained experience in the racing circuit with Ferrari or Lamborghini located in the Marina Bay Sands.

Enjoy a variety of entertainment choices, lifestyle, culinary for tourists to walk in Singapore.

Take a look at in addition to witnessing the spectacular Marina Bay Sands building, when the sky gets dark. The fountain will accompany you with its light-colored lights.

All look good from a distance calling.

(Source T Indrawanto - Choa Chu Kang Singapore /Images Manu Kretyawan)


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