Tempting Taste of the "Beringin Pempek"

An oldest cities in Indonesia, Palembang which stores a long history of being the capital city of the Kingdom of Srivijaya, the which influenced much of Southeast Asia.

The town is rich with a variety of typical cuisine. No one is denying, when the typical food of this city is pempek. Restaurant "Pempek Beringin" at Radial Street opens since 1970, which offers a variety of flavors pempek. Typical Palembang food made ​​from fish and sago, savory sauce eaten with vinegar sour ('cuka' - local terms), sweet, spicy.

Look at the waitress is waiting with a row of pempek, such pempek submarines, pempek small eggs, pempek skin, pempek pastel, pempek small lenjer, steamed satay, and other typical meal.

You can choose like at home feels comfortable and vibrant flavors, so delicious savory and spicy.

(Source Ika Herwina - Palembang /Images Palembang City Guide, Ika Herwina)


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