"EVEN" Hotels, the Wellness hotel brand

There is a new trend for hotels in the previous year with different offers, they see the other side that takes the guests or the customers who need the services. We will not be surprised if later saw the international hotel operator's network and boutique will add a health facilities for guests.

Hotel with spa and wellness offers, available the spa facilities, swimming pool, and fitness center as it is considered as the customer needs. When in the hotel area, then do not be surprised if we watching the area of jogging, fitness training room, sleep program, up to a healthy menu.

Some hotel chains, among others, The InterContinental Hotels Group opens hotel that focuses on the health of the hotel brand "EVEN". People who travel want to stay healthy, and stay fit while traveled seems to have become the motto for today's travelers.

Do not be surprised if one day you traveled and get offers a variety of healthy menus, such as in The Westin in the United States offers a jogging day with the instructor and healthy menu, then you can find while staying at The MGM Grand Las Vegas, available rooms are equipped with vitamins C shower.

Health has become a lifestyle for tourists. Of course it's good.

(Source Reuters, The InterContinental, travelKompas /Image "EVEN" Hotels)


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