Traditional Cloths that Support Tourism

The buyers at Songket House

The wealth of this unique archipelago in providing intangible cultural heritage, from generation to generation. As said by the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia in Jakarta, March 26, 2014, cites an article from the tourist sites, "I congratulate the creative people. This is clear proof Indonesia is rich in culture and full of creativity," she said.

Plain woven Songket

People from other countries would have known "batik" with all its charm, but underneath all that Indonesia possessed a special wealth in traditional cloths such as "songket" and gloves (sarong).

Lepus orange Songket

The presence of a new generation of designers create traditional fabrics appear more modern in new packaging with the times. For example a famous designer from Indonesia in Jakarta, Ghea Panggabean breakthrough songket tableware creations.

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(Source Antara, travelKompas, Ika Herwina - Palembang /Images Ika Herwina)


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