Padaido Islands developed into Marine Tourism

Who wants refuse to say, that many spectacular locations in eastern Indonesia, especially in Papua. One of them in the area of ​​Padaido Islands in District of Biak Noemfoor can be one of the marine tourism destination besides the Raja Ampat area that had already been known as an area for lovers of sport diving.

The head of local government in Biak Noemfoor, Yesaya Sumbok, said that the cluster of islands of Padaido with its beautiful underwater world, white sand on the shoreline. You'll be there with a gentle greeting evergreen leaves and coconut trees that lined neatly is very appealing to the eye.

Wait for the interesting moments when the low tide, you can walk down the beach into the water further witnessed passing fish and colorful sea creatures scattered around the islands.

Even the memories of World War II provides its own entertainment with some artifacts remnants airframe submerged beneath the sea.

(Source Antara, travelKompas, S Winata - Papua /Images Susetyohadi Winata)


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