7 Most Fashionable Cities in the World

Wow... Can you feel a different feeling when traveling in a city where you are on vacation? It turns out that one of the cities you visit to be one of the most fashionable cities in the world. It may be, isn’t it?

Just imagine immediately headed to a city in Europe, Paris. Of course, despite recent developments provide evidence that the city of New York now has become the new icon of world fashion city.

If it is any time you are in one of these cities, you immediately became amazed at how the city locals dress with fashionable style and not be afraid to experiment with their looks. All looks beautiful and aromatic.

Here are 7 of the most fashionable cities in the world.

1. New York, United States
2. Paris, France
3. Tokyo, Japan
4. Milan, Italy
5. London, England
6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
7. Rome, Italy

Being in the middle of the cities is like you are on stage fashion show, try to enjoy the atmosphere in these cities. Looks gorgeous, beautiful and fun.

Of course you need to plan a trip to all of these cities one day.

(Source female first, KW Utami - femaleKompas /Images W Sjahran, MP Djojonegoro)


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