Chinese Travelers will reduced due to the Missing of MH370

It is a concern of many parties, especially the airlines and the Government of Malaysia. They were urged to speed up the search aircraft of Malaysia Airlines missing flight code MH370.

The loss of the aircraft may have an impact to the business travelers visiting abroad. As reported by the Bank of America - Merrill Lynch, the tourism sector in South East Asia from China could be seriously affected. China accounted for 12 percent of tourists to Malaysia, including Chinese citizens domiciled in Singapore.

An estimated 80 percent of corporate travelers from China will choose to change the schedule for today, said Alicia Seah in Singapore, citing news from the Reuters on Sunday, March 16, 2014, and eliminates the need to worry this time to enjoy the days of planning to the next vacation.

(Source Reuters, SR Diah Setiawan - Kompas /Image Singapore Airlines)


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