Europe is an Attractive Travel Market

In addition to the US mainland to be one of the world's tourism potential, so much attention is directed to this region. Then also the tourist area of Europe is regarded as a promising and prospective area of ​​tourism, it goes both ways for the two countries to establish a mutually beneficial relationship of tourism.

That is why the international tourism market or Internationale Tourismus-Borse (ITB) Berlin 2014 that took place on March 5 to 9 in Berlin, Germany is optimized by various countries to promote mutual tourism excellence in their respective countries.

For example one participant country of ITB Berlin 2014, Indonesia is heavily promoting "Wonderfull Indonesia as Journey to the Heart of the World's Wonders", traveled to Indonesia is a trip to the centers of the wonders of the world.

On the other hand, Europe is deemed essential to its tourist visits during the last 2013 years, has reached the number of 836.834 tourists to Indonesia, almost 10 percent of the 8.802 million foreign tourists who vacation in Indonesia last year. Some notes from the ITB Berlin exhibition, German tourists for example, they use of nearly 64 million euros for their traveling trip.

The most popular destinations for residents of Germany are the Mediterranean countries, such as Turkey and Spain to medium distances, while for the more remote region, they are attracted to Southeast Asia, among others, Thailand and Indonesia.

(Source ITB Berlin, travelKompas /Images Wetty Sjahran - Antalya Turkey, Setiadi Darmawan - Island of Komodo)


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