Adventure into a Polluted Region

It will be a challenging journey tour, if you choose the regions and cities with exceptional levels of pollution. At least so the results of a report from the WHO, the World Health Organization. The WHO standards are very strict about pollution of a region and city. Even popular major cities in the world of tourism, including in the category of the WHO standard.

The standard is used to calculate the pollution in a city, in an area which is the maximum air containing harmful particles 20 micrograms (mcg) per cubic meter.

Small particles, one-seventh of the thickness of a human hair and can easily get into the human lung. You certainly need to always watch this when traveling to an area, of course with a little spirit of adventure, isn't it?

The Middle East, such as the Persian region, Pakistan, several cities in India, Mongolia, and Africa region, such as Bostwana recorded into the area with the worst air pollution, reaching an average of 200 micrograms/cubic meter. Southeast Asia followed close to 100 mcg/cubic meter.

Paris immediately fix the motor vehicle policies in the town, only electric and hybrid cars or other vehicles with special permits are allowed to use in the city. Not only private cars, but buses, taxis, emergency unit, and a vehicle with three or more people, including the truck is not allowed.

It seems that the technology must be controlled. Tourism will continue to grow, and become a necessity from time to time.

(Source AFP, The Independent, Kompas /Image wikpedia)


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