Holiday towards the Celebration of Nyepi

Nyepi also known as A Day of Silence is a Balinese Hindu religious celebration, the Saka New Year 1936 celebration, which took place in Bali this year on March 31, 2014.

The island became silent, quiet and no noise except for the sounds of nature, the ocean waves on the beach, wind greeting, rustling leaves and small birds flying around. Quiet and magical moments.

But you can still find a way to travel. Visit these places.

Sanur Beach, Candidasa Beach and Klotok Beach or other celebration centers in Pura (Hindus temple) - Two days before Nyepi. Melasti ceremony, a procession ceremony of the temple took place in the seaside region.

Kuta region - The day before Nyepi. Tawur Kesanga or Mecaru and then the Ngerupuk ceremony - identical with Ogoh-ogoh parade or a giant creepy doll shaped.

The hotel with the Yoga facilities - At the time of Nyepi. Just stay in the hotel area. Look for hotels around the Ayung River in Ubud region that provides yoga meditation.

Sesetan Village - The day after Nyepi. Ngembak Geni ceremony, Hindus visiting their family. Sesetan village in Denpasar has a unique tradition when Ngembak Geni, namely ritual Med-medan. Youth alternately kissing, boisterous, but mutual respect, ceremonies that have been passed down through generations of a long period of history. Hereditary sacred procession is so crowded.

(Source Antara, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas, N Tjindarbumi - Bali /Images N Tjindarbumi, Adhy Rical)


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