Ogoh-ogoh Parade in Denpasar

The day before the feast day which usually take place on the evening before Nyepi. A ritual as a symbol of Bhuta Kala, day before Nyepi Day and finally burned to charred, in the twilight days of Pangrupukan or Ngerupuk.

Some tourists purposely booked a hotel room in Bali a few moments before Nyepi celebrations to feel its different atmosphere.

Ogoh-ogoh Parade is also known as Ngerupuk, the shaped giant creepy doll parade. Ogoh-ogoh are made of pulp and bamboo frame, you will be amazed by its size.

Looks so great and should be removed abuzz by the villagers. Ogoh-ogoh are usually paraded around the village starting from the village hall. Ogoh-ogoh has become a means of creative young people make the celebration more festive, do not be surprised if you see various kinds of models of giant ogoh-ogoh.

(Source Antara, travelKompas, Ni Kdk R Riyanti - Denpasar /Images I Qonita, Ni Kdk Rika Riyanti)


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