Bali Like the Dead City during The Silence "Nyepi" Day

When Nyepi (the Silence Day) celebrations have taken place in the island of Bali, all parts of the cities of the island became so lonely, there's no activity. Just like the dead city.

Today, Monday, the city of Denpasar daily traffic jams marred transformed into desolate. There is no congestion on the roads, irregular on-street parking of vehicles or noise music from the cafes on the beach.

Famous Kuta beach scenery appears very different from the everyday. Drifted the sound of birds chirping and the wind blowing from the trees around the beach, natural atmosphere in coastal areas is increasingly apparent.

The tourists from abroad who were on vacation in Bali should not be out of the hotel or other lodging places. They enjoyed the quiet and magical atmosphere.

Silent and only silence.

(Source Antara, Jenny Ng - Denpasar /Images N Tjindarbumi, Jenny Ng)


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