Melasti ceremony before the celebration of Nyepi

When you've been in Bali a few days earlier, do not miss the Melasti ceremony. Two days before Nyepi 1936 (a Day of Silence).

Hindus carry the Melasti ceremony.

You can watch an interesting moment of Melasti ceremony, the celebration of the motorcade carrying the means praying to the sea. Various means is paraded from the temple to the beach.

The ceremony can be found when the draw takes place on the beach, for example Sanur Beach on the south island. To the east region of the island, you can visit other places crowds filled ceremony in Candidasa Beach or Klotok Beach.

(Source Antara, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Images Yu Sing, Nita Tjindarbumi, Ketut Narendra)


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