The Lighthouse of Lengkuas Island

While enjoying the nature around Tanjung Tinggi Beach, not far from there in the blue sea, soaring to the top of a magnificent lighthouse. The building is so arrogant standing on an island.

Giant granite rocks in the Belitung islands more complete with the presence of this lighthouse, beaches with white sand and clear sea water becomes an attraction for the tourists.

The lighthouse built by the Dutch colonial government in 1882, was on the Lengkuas Island that became one of hundreds of islands that surround the island of Belitung. The main attraction for the tourists when rowing a boat in the distance in between the islands.

Well-functioning lighthouse to guide ships passing traffic or in and out of the islands of Belitung, located to the north of Tanjung Kelayang Beach, District Sijuk, Belitung.

Take a boat from Tanjung Binga and Tanjung Kelayang, surround this small island, only in about half an hour you enjoy its beauty. When you can reach the very top of the lighthouse and looked around, only the eye can see along the sea and the boat calling.

The fish running around in the blue sea .

(Source Ori Sativa - Bangka, wikipedia /Images Veronica Saver)


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