When the Darkness "Nyepi" Surrounds

Tawur Kesanga or Mecaru ritual, the day before Nyepi

Different times in the past, when the travelers used to avoid it. In recent years, even foreign tourists had come just before Nyepi to welcome the Saka New Year 1936.

Rare moment when Hindus perform four abstinence, does not work or activities, no traveling, no fire lit, no fun or for entertainment.

When night falls, the dark reign. None of lighting the flame. Dark because the lights and the fire should not be lit. Darkness surrounds, calm feeling is present within you.

As a friend who was on holiday in Bali this evening, from her hotel lobby saying, "The sky is bright at Nyepi night. Thousands of stars sparkling in the sky of Bali. Quiet, quiet reassuring. Gives peace within yourself."

Ogoh-ogoh have been burned the day before during the Ngerupuk ritual as part of the exorcism ceremony.

When quiet and lonely surrounded everywhere. The sounds of nature are usually outnumbered by the human frenetic noise from all directions, this time to be a winner.

(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas, Jenny Ng - Denpasar /Images Ni Kdk R Riyanti, Jenny Ng, N Ririhena - Jimbaran)


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