New York the World's Most Fashionable City

When all this time you know about Paris as the world's most fashionable city, it turns out something has happened so fast and no one can expect.

The Global Language Monitor data in early February 2014, the Austrian research company that ranks 50 most fashionable cities in the world, based on observations over three years to track 250,000 blogs, print media, social media, and also the keywords associated with haute couture, ready made garments, fashion, fashionable, designer, and street style.

Further observations on the frequent use of the word in context with the theme of fashion. New York is more commonly referred to simply give even a slight difference, but it was enough to make New York into a new icon in the world fashion replacing Paris.

"New York City ranked first successful due to the discipline and creative approach in their creative industries," said Bekka Payack, fashion editor for The Global Language Monitor.

Becca added that creative energy has been spread around the world because fashion is not only to create jobs, revenue, and a new generator of wealth.

(Source Dailymail, LK Anna-femaleKompas /Images W Sjahran)


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