Best times of trips to the islands of Belitung

You will see the giant rocks around the islands, blue sea surrounding small islands. The beach and the sea has been waiting for, the softness of the sand on the beach which is different from the pores of the sand on the beaches of other large islands, such as Kuta Beach in Bali.

Of course you have to choose the best time while in this tourist area.

1. Avoid the rainy season. Seawater into hostil, gusting winds and high waves can be dangerous for you when you are in the journey across the sea.

2. Be there at the best months. Between April and August, especially in the month of May to July.

3. Bangka - Belitung is one of the tourist favorite. Be full of tourists during the holiday season and year-end holidays arrive. Please choose a different time, when the atmosphere becomes silent and deserted. You can go swimming with the calm blue sea.

4. Book the hotel/inn some time earlier. Certainly the best tips as above, avoid the holiday season. Belitung tourist area would be devoid of tourists, the price of lodging/hotel, hotel room availability and cheaper tickets.

Similarly, when you are looking for a rental vehicle, car or motorcycle, much easier when it is not holiday season.

5. Moreover weekend is a long weekend on Friday when a holiday coincidence. Avoid times like these. You should choose the other day, for example, on the day after Sunday, for example, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Enjoy the softness of the ocean that greets you warmly. So friendly weather, sunny with no clouds, and the blue sky. The aroma of hot beaches will be the best friends, vanished when you tried to swim immediately into the waters surrounding the soft sandy beach. It’s cool!

(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Image Veronica Saver)


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