More Cruise Ships Coming to Lombok

Lombok increasingly attract the attention of tourists from various countries, as is done by some airlines to service the flights Lombok - Perth, Australia which positively impacted by a surge of tourist arrivals.

But traveling by sea also got the attention of tourists, especially tourists who originally located on the island of Bali and forward selection traveled to the island of Lombok.

There is no denying when the presence of cruise ships that carry several hundred to a thousand travelers that make Lombok Island more attractive. Lombok was already a leading cruise ship destination. As stated by the managers of tour operators, among others, "Lombok Paradise", that almost all cruise ships from around the world have scheduled their primary destination to Lombok.

Although until now not been able to cruise ships docked to Lembar Bay Harbour (Port of Lembar), but in the calm waters around 3.2 kilometers from Lembar Bay.

Lombok has become a new magnet of tourist area in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago.

(Source Antara, Kompas, F Benjamin - Lombok /Images F Benjamin)


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