The Stunning "Songket" Cloth from Palembang

Orange Songket

Traditional fabric should gain an appreciation after directing the public interest to traditional fabrics cloth rich with its unique ornaments.

Maroon Songket

Ghea Panggabean, a famous designer in Jakarta, said she greatly admired the ability to store the weavers patterns and the intricate it through their memory and made ​​with traditional hand weaving equipment.

"Simple, while working as the way down from generation to generation as an intangible cultural heritage," said Ghea.

Red Maroon Lepus Songket

Palembang Songket cloth, containing sacred value that holds a long history of traditional philosophies with regard to the life cycle from birth to death.

Blongket - Black Cloth Songket

(Source Antara, Ika Herwina - Palembang /Images Ika Herwina)


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