The Airlines with the Worst Safety Levels

Since the events of the loss of an aircraft owned by Malaysian Airline System (MAS) MH370 on Saturday last weekend, making our awareness of the importance of a consideration for the safety of passengers.

A website released rankings of airline with the best safety level and simultaneously published the airlines with the worst safety level in 2013.

After the previous article in this blog to convey information about the 10 airlines with the best safety level in 2013, the list below provides a list otherwise .

Here are 10 airlines with the worst safety levels.

1. Kam Air
2. Scat
3. Bluewing Airlines
4. Afghan Airways
5. Jubba Airways
6. Eritrean Airlines
7. Lion Air
8. Merpati Airlines
9. Susi Air
10. Air Bagan

Of course the airline called upon to strongly consider the opinion of that website, especially related to tourism development.

The traveler is taking into account all the things in their travel plans.

(Source Airline Ratings, Kompas /Image Airline News)


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