Kelimutu, the tempting 3 colors lakes

This is the lake that deserves your attention! The lake with three colors inviting questions on the minds prepared only in the area of Kelimutu National Park. The national park area is awe-inspiring, a natural wonder in the land of Flores.

Actually, when you see for yourself, there are three lakes are in the same region with different colors. Two neighboring lake, while the other lakes are situated somewhat apart in the valley hills. Although it remains present sense of wonder, why it have the different color?

Neighboring lakes are dark green was named by a local people with a unique name, "Atapolo", believed to be a collection of evil spirits, while others are light green in Tosca color gradation named "Nuamuri Koofai" is a collection of spirits of young people, and the other lake in the valley with its dark tend to black named "Mbupu” is a gathering place for the spirits of the parents.

Interested in coming to the Kelimutu National Park? Enjoy the beauty of the land of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara, take a hike. Stepping stone hill. On the right and left side cobblestone streets with protected trees in the national park. The forest animals are chirping naturally accompany music along the way.

From the height where you can see the height of three lakes surrounding the right and left side. In the tower height also show the charm of blue mountains and green expanse of rice fields and forest.

Flying from Jakarta or Denpasar, soon you can reach the long way destination but appealed, through the city of Kupang and arrived in the town of Ende. Not too far from there.

And find lodging in Flores around the lake, the village of Moni. Local homestay and hotels around the airport and drove about 2 hours to reach the Lake Kelimutu.

Kelimutu National Park are ready to receive tourists, especially with the various tourist attractions prepared by the local government, such as the annual Festival Kelimutu Lake, activities and traditional ceremonies “Pati Ka Du'A Bapu Ata Mata" or Patika ceremony, a traditional ceremonial feeding the spirits of the ancestors.

Present in this region gives its own moods, environmental art, culture and customs as well as the inland tribes charm of natural scenery of Kelimutu.

(Source Kompas, travelKompas, L Pandjaitan - Flores /Images L Pandjaitan)


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