Airlines with the “In-Flight Connectivity” Facility

Year after year more and make it easier for tourists in air travel, especially the use of the electronic gadgets like mobile phones or smartphones in the aircraft cabin.

This is true for the electronic signals from these devices are considered disruptive aircraft electronic systems. Or for the benefit of passengers themselves, which could reduce passenger awareness of their own situation if at any time in case of danger. At least a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which chose to ban devices such as smartphones for use in the aircraft for safety reasons.

Technology is constantly evolving, telephone connection can be done from an airplane via satellite and separate communication lines from the aircraft's electronic systems. This technology is also an attraction for the airline's passengers.

More airlines immediately adopt the “in-flight connectivity” technology in their unit plane, passengers are not even able to call from the plane only, but also surf the Internet. Although even have to go through a rigorous certification process.

Here's a list of airlines in accordance news excerpts of Total Blue Sky, February 12, 2014 (in alphabetical order):

Aer Lingus (Ireland)
Aeroflot (Russia)
Air France (France)
All Nippon Airways (Japan)
Azerbaijan Airlines (Azerbaijan)
British Airways (England)
Cebu Pacific Air (Philippines)
Egyptair (Egypt)
Emirates (United Arab Emirates)
Etihad (United Arab Emirates)
Garuda Indonesia (Indonesia)
Hong Kong Airlines (Hongkong)
KLM (The Netherlands)
Lufthansa (Germany)
Oman Air (Oman)
Philippine Airlines (Philippines)
Qantas (Australia)
Qatar Airways (Qatar)
Royal Jordanian (Jordan)
Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia)
SAS ( Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
TAM Airlines (Brazil)
TAP Portugal (Portugal)
Transaero (Russia)
Virgin Atlantic (Australia)

Travelers who frequently use air travel certainly welcomed, although not all aircraft owned by airlines on a support phone calls and internet connectivity.

Look carefully to the type or types of aircraft which provide such facilities.

(Source Total Blue Sky, teknoKompas /Image Singapore Airlines)


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