Dutch Travelers preferred the Mountain Tourism in Lombok NTB

As presented by the tourism players at Lombok - NTB (West Nusa Tenggara) province, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Tourism (ASPPI) Lombok - NTB, JN Wirajagat. In a meeting place between representatives of the "buyers" of the Netherlands and several other countries in tourism market event or table top at the State Museum of NTB.

No need to doubt the specific character of Dutch tourists, considering they like things such as "adventure", they are more like mountain tourism, climbing some great mountain in Lombok region, such as Mount Rinjani and Mount Tambora.

Citing travelKompas, further Wirajagat said, "In essence, diverse attractions in the NTB desired by the foreign tourists, including from the Netherlands, Dubai/UAE and Malaysia. This is the promising potential of the tourism business."

The event also received input from the event, for example, UAE’s travelers prefer to find the cool air destination around the Mount Rinjani, such as Sembalun in East Lombok and Senaru in North Lombok. Meanwhile Malaysian travelers are more common, like the variety of attractions in the NTB region, such as beaches, mountains and small islands tourism.

Table Top event held by the ASPPI - NTB in collaboration with the State Museum of NTB, and other local stakeholders. The participants consisted of as many as 41 sellers, and 104 buyers people.

The sellers are the stakeholders in tourism hotel and restaurant managers, and the management of tourism on the island of Lombok, Sumbawa, and other small islands (gili in local terms) in the region of NTB province, while the buyer is representative of a travel agent or tourism players, including from abroad and the opportunity to be present from the Netherlands, UAE, and Malaysia.

Interesting events to be followed by a variety of potential tourists representatives, and a great opportunity for local governments to prepare infrastructure. The city of Mataram as a center of local government turns most readily as well as the tourist area of North Lombok and spend the holiday there.

(Source Antara, ASPPI Lombok - NTB, travelKompas /Image F Benjamin - Lombok)


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