Valentine's Day together with the World's Most Romantic Cities

Is today the Valentine's Day? Sure there are always romantic moments you've ever tasted with your partner in a day trip to a tourist location.

Several cities in the world gives a romantic aura, the cities since the beginning of nature endowed with natural beauty charm. Even some cities are very suitable as a vacation destination with your partner or couple.

These cities, as the article from, is the most romantic cities in the world.

1. Venice, Italy
2. Barcelona, Spain
3. Florence, Italy
4. Kyoto, Japan
5. Brugges, Belgium
6. Fez, Morocco
7. Jaipur, India
8. Lisbon, Portugal
9. Monte Carlo, Monaco
10. Paris, France

Where is the most romantic city of your version? Of course you can create your own criteria with friends, when you want to celebrate the Valentine's in different nuances.
Happy Valentine!

(Source, travelKompas /Image Sonya Susilo)


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