Singapore as a Safe Destinations for the Solo Traveler

Being a solo traveler is certainly a great experience, especially if you are very fond of traveling to different destinations. Like a blank book that asks impatiently, that soon was often painted with a variety of interesting stories.

Well, this experience would require precision in choosing a decent destinations, such as destination cities in various places in the world.

An article written by a young journalist, NA Widadio, gives an interesting tips, about the city that can be recommended for solo traveler, such as Singapore.

Maybe you want to know why, right? Especially when you traveled alone and as a beginner who require additional flight hours.

Here are a few reasons.

One of the safest countries in the world. Countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. Local residents and tourists can walk with ease without too much attention to their luggage.

Good transportation system. No need to fear getting lost, transportation is always available there, ranging from city buses, taxis and the MRT. The transport system is very good, like the Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) to transport the most widely used, timely and easily accessible, since reaching nearly all areas in Singapore.

Language is not an obstacle. You can use English, Malay and Mandarin Chinese. Do not hesitate to ask if you are confused about something, of course you do not want being stranded on the road.

Backpacker hostels Lodging type of backpacker hostels is a solution for the solo traveler, so no need to rent a hotel room. And provide an opportunity for a solo traveler to get acquainted and make friends as fellow travelers sharing room concept used.

There are many cheap tourist places/attractions. Singapore is not always synonymous with expensive tourist attractions, it is available a wide selection of tourist sites that you can choose according to your own interests as a traveler.

In the end, as a solo traveler, every journey will be a provision for the next trip to the other exotic cities or tourist locations. Happy Adventuring!

(Source NA Widadio - travelKompas, Axl Jonathan - Singapore /Image V Saver)


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