AirAsia comes with Travel3Sixty Indonesia Magazine

There is no denying when the airline is becoming increasingly attractive in the region with various offers routes to various destinations in Asia as well as other tourist locations in Europe.

The number of their growing passengers, as it is known that during the year 2013, the number of AirAsia passengers reached 7.8 million passengers. So there is a need to get closer to the passengers of this airline, and effectively deliver a variety of destinations in the AirAsia network.

The presence of the magazine is Travel3Sixty Indonesia as one of their proximity in establishing communication with passengers, such as that delivered by Ridzki Kramadibrata, Chief Operating Officer of AirAsia Indonesia, citing travelKompas, Monday, February 2, 2014, at The Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, that this magazine is present for passengers to communicate with the attractive destinations for their passengers.

Premiered launch in January 2014 with 72 pages and will continue to be increased up to 80 pages. A monthly magazine with the colorful world theme. Previously, AirAsia has had Travel3Sixty inflight magazine in English.

Passengers will not be difficult to obtain this magazines, publish as much as 10 thousand copies per month, includes the interesting things and profound an existing destinations in Indonesia flight network, the latest information regarding lifestyle, fashion, music, and others.

Happy reading.

(Source AirAsia Indonesia, travelKompas, A Rodden - Jakarta /Image Travel3Sixty AirAsia Indonesia)


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