One of missing Japanese tourists are still in the search

As has been reported that seven Japanese tourists missing while diving in waters of Sakenan, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Klungkung. They are very excited and have a determination to do its activity, despite inhospitable weather conditions, down to very heavy rain.

Reports from the local meteorological agency (BMKG) said that the condition of marine waters of Nusa Penida in a state of strong currents, high waves of local shipping data declared more than 1.5 meters. Similarly, tide charts reports of, it was the day before the first full moon, at 13.00 to 14.00 tide height position reaches 1.62 meters, 1.30 meters, and continues dropped to 0.78 meters. The tide height difference makes the fast-flowing waters.

They remain hard-hearted to do the dive, rent a sail boat Ocean Express and dive toward the three locations at Manta Point (Manta Secret), and then to Crystal Bay and the last in the Mangrove Sakenan Point.

The diving region of Mangrove Sakenan end is the entrance to the area of Blue Corner, Nusa Penida, which has been known by the sport diving enthuasiast as "Jurassic Park", because the current is unpredictable and the contours such as valleys and cliffs complete with a view of a large fish, such as tuna, bullray, stingray, eagle rays, manta rays, and the sharks.

It is fascinating diving areas, so that they still decided to plunge down to a fast-flowing water around Sakenan Point, around 13:00. However, until the hours passed, Agus Tinus and Gede Sukadana, the ship operators not found any trace of the divers bubbles.

Immediate disbursement activities carried out by the SAR team, five tourists can be found unharmed, Monday, February 17, 2014, at about Manta Point, 20 km over the last dive spots in Mangrove Sakenan Point.

While another was found the next day, Ritsuko Miyata, 58, lifeless, floating in the Watersport Serangan Beach by a tourist who was fishing, Tuesday, February 18, 2014, around 18:00 pm.

Two survived Japanese tourists, Emi Yamamoto and Aya Morizowo choose to remain in the hospital of Sanglah, Denpasar. They want to calm down and want to recover from sun burns, before meeting their family.

Citing travelKompas, Director of Medical and Nursing Sanglah Hospital, AA Ngurah Jaya Kusuma, said today, all of the victims until now have not be visited by their families.

Rescue teams continue to conduct a further search efforts, which have not been found, despite the weather conditions are very easy to change and need to be precision in time calculation and the location search of Nusa Penida waters considering the volatile current.

(Source Kompas, EP Sandi - travelKompas, Ni Kadek R Riyanti - Sanglah /Images Nefo Ginting - Denpasar, F Benjamin)


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