Some Mistakes When You're Traveling

Travel is certainly fun, but this should not make you overlook some important things before the trip is going on. An interesting article on a travel website can help you in preparation for the trip.

Do not do the mistakes that (may have) often occur.

Too much stuff. From a Travelodge survey, information was obtained about the habits of the traveler, which is 2 to 3 traveler brought home at least six clothing that is not used during the trip. For example socks, underwear. Just think, you do not need to replace with new socks every day.

Changes in mobile phone roaming feature. Set your cell phone, so do not carelessly receiving text messages or phone roaming. Of course you do not want to run out pulses fast.

Watch carefully the use of the visa rules in the destination. Make sure the destination country with or without a visa rules. Some countries in region allow tourists with visa on arrival (VOA), while others are required by the visa.

Of course you do not want to be rejected to enter the country of destination when checking entry documents.

Forget to print the booking code. Maybe it is not too important, but worth doing, it's better if you also print a proof print ticket reservations/booking code.

Gadget where you keep the proof of booking ticket may not function properly at any time.

Forgotten to exchange currency at the airport. Exchanged money before leaving or at least not at the airport. Sometimes after a journey lasting, then you are having trouble finding the location of a money changer.

The most appropriate time of flight bookings. Information obtained from Travelers Today, the best time ordering tickets is before 21 and 34 days for domestic and international flights. Meanwhile, according to, the best time is 79 and 81 days before departure.

Another survey conducted by Texas A & M University, Saturday and Sunday is the best day to look for discount tickets. But it does not guarantee you get the cheapest tickets.

Possible information from a airline website newsletter is the best choice to be made by a traveler like you.

(Source CNN Travel, travelKompas /Image V Saver)


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